At a time when healthcare costs are skyrocketing and prescription medications are consuming a large amount of income, hearing aids are far from the top of the list of priorities by virtue of their "out of control" costs. provides discounted hearing products and services without foregoing the care and attention that our members expect to receive.

To receive Benefits, please call us toll free at: 1-866-276-4455

Discount Program for Organizations, Employees and their family members: will coordinate coverage with any existing healthcare plans to utilize patient benefits and to minimize any out-of-pocket expenditure. If your healthcare group, employer, or organization has provided you with a discounted hearing healthcare program, please tell our customer service representative the name of the group that you are a member of.

5 Level Pricing- Up to 50% Savings on Most Major Brands

Level 1: Includes state-of-the-art digital technology
Level 2: Includes high end digital technology
Level 3: Includes Mid-level digital technology
Level 4: Includes Basic Digital Technology
Level 5: Includes Basic Analog Technology

Levels 1, 2, & 3 pricing includes any style that you or your provider choose.

HEARING AID BENEFIT PACKAGE: Complete Hearing Evaluation, 2-Year Complete Warranty, 1-Year loss & damage (1 time replacement with a 25% co-payment), 1 Year Batteries, Home Delivery (includes up to 2 packs of 80 count batteries). All Hearing Aids include a 60-day trial.

* Levels 4 and 5 come in ITE style only.

* All levels come with Hearing Aid Benefit Package.






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